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This message is sent with the great hope that it finds you all well. Pennsylvania needs the volunteers of the NAACP now as much as it ever has. For that reason, Branch Presidents, local branch members should be aware of the information in this message. The work we are called to do will not wait for the August branch meeting, so Presidents, please distribute this message and share it with the local members. We need for them to go to work right away.

Many local branches are engaged in wonderful projects within their community. While this is good for social justice and relationship building, we do have work identified by National Office that is central to the future of our people, and especially the next generations! To that end, the national agenda calls on every branch to be carrying out specific work.


1. The call for active voter registration WORK went out in April to all NAACP PA SC Branches:
Each branch has been called to partner with two (2) local churches and engage in voter registration. The branch and each church is asked to commit to register 50 voters each with an aim for 150 voters registered in every branch's jurisdiction. Voter registration is essential to the work of the NAACP. We will ask for the Branch report at the August Quarterly. Do the Association proud!

2. Each local branch is called to plan and schedule candidate forums for local and state candidates. This is standard work for NAACP and we need all branches to do this without fail. All politics are local. We must get people to vote in THIS off-year election. Every PA State House seat is up for election as well as a significant number of Senate seats. Some incumbents have consistently voted in ways that hurt people.
Examine the record of your State Representative and Senator as it pertains to issues that impact the African American community and citizens at large across PA. Branches will receive a list of suggested questions to put before State candidates.

3. Each branch has been asked to develop a Ready Response Team. Activate your team to do the following right away! This is a life or death action as relates to the last 64 years of progress on racial equality, voting rights, access to health care, religious freedom, and reproductive and privacy rights. We cannot sit this out or our children will suffer for generations.

Have the team call Senator Toomey to express objections about the Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Ask the Senator to vote NO on this nomination. Reasons below.
Contact Numbers for Senator Pat Toomey:
215-241-1090 (Philadelphia office)
202-224-4254 (Washington, D.C. office)

Have each member of the team to recruit at least two others to make this same phone call. Our target is to have all branches make a total of at least 10 phone calls to the Senator. That will generate hundreds of voter calls! We need those calls to be made. This is the work the NAACP is designed to do. We are built for this.

Have members of the team locate the leadership of local fraternities, sororities, and social organizations to ensure that these groups work with NAACP on voter registration, candidate forum, and calls to senators.
Contact Numbers for Senator Pat Toomey:
215-241-1090 (Philadelphia office)
202-224-4254 (Washington, D.C. office)

Branch Presidents, keep a tally of the calls made from your branch's work. We will call for a report of your numbers at the August Quarterly.

Branch Presidents: Call Senator Bob Casey on behalf of the local branch membership and thank him for his decision to vote NO on the Kavanaugh appointment. Encourage him to stay the course.
Senator Bob Casey

Here is why we must call Sen. Toomey.

Objections to Judge Brett Kavanaugh as to gun laws.

Kavanaugh has argued that Washington DC's assault weapons ban and registration laws violate the Second Amendment.

Kavanaugh determined that because most states do not require registration of firearms, it is unconstitutional to have a mandatory registration law-meaning any gun regulation that is not already widespread is constitutionally suspect.

Kavanaugh interpreted the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Heller to require judges to disregard compelling public safety justifications for gun regulations and consider only the text of the Second Amendment and the history and tradition of regulating in a certain area when deciding if a challenged law is constitutional.

Judge Kavanaugh might vote to strike down important gun safety laws that address modern dangers that did not exist at the time of the founding of the United States, like extreme-risk protection order laws that remove guns from the possession of likely mass shooters, and domestic violence restraining order laws that protect victims of domestic abuse (a crime that wasn't even recognized in early American history).

Other Areas where Judge Brett Kavanaugh poses a threat to the well-being of American citizens:

Health Care - his negative opinions on the ACA will endanger families including the aged and children
Women's rights
LGBTQ rights
Worker's rights

While President Trump is facing legal challenges and is under multiple investigations, Judge Kavanaugh has expressed the view that the US President should not be investigated, sued or indicted while in office.

Contact Numbers for Senator Pat Toomey:
215-241-1090 (Philadelphia office),
202-224-4254 (Washington, D.C. office)

If we convince Senator Toomey to represent his constituents concerning this nomination, it will help block this nomination! Let's do our work.

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